Are you looking to sell early in the New Year?

Are you looking to sell early in the New Year?

New Year New Home?

If you are looking to sell in the New Year, it may be that you are thinking it is best to get Christmas out of the way first and then start the ball rolling once the holiday period is over and everyone is back at their desk.  After all, December is a month where buyers have their minds focused elsewhere and not much is going on in the world of estate agency.

That may be the traditional wisdom, however, stats from Rightmove show a slightly different picture…

Christmas is a busy time for property searches

Rightmove has become ubiquitous with property search and it is hard to envisage a house buying journey which does not start with a visit to the portal.   Whilst most estate agents offices do take a break over Christmas and foot traffic through the door may be lessened in December – potential buyers are still looking at property details online and making their plans for January.

Get ahead for the New Year

It is precisely because people are not at their desks which makes the Christmas period the perfect time to have your property on the market to get ahead for a sale early in the New Year.  Search patterns on the portal show that the amount of property searches increases massively over Christmas.

Over Christmas 2017 traffic steadily increased from 25th December up until 31st December.  Searches then slowed down on New Years Eve and New Years Day only to peak on 2nd January 2018 which recorded the 3rd highest number of page views on right move over a 12 month period – nearly 40,000,000 (that’s 40 million) in fact!

Search activity on Rightmove showing peak in January 2018









Prepare for post Christmas surge

To make the most of this surge in traffic and increased numbers of active buyers in January, don’t wait until after Christmas – now really is the best time to get the ball rolling.

If you are hoping to secure a sale early next year, get in touch with us now to book a free property valuation – we can help you to get your property online ready to take advantage of increased market activity in January.

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