Could Hygge help you sell your property during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

Could Hygge help you sell your property during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

With the successive lockdowns, working from home while attempting to home school our children, we need to take every opportunity to relax, unwind and recharge. Hygge might be the thing your need in your hectic life at the moment.

Have you heard of Hygge?

Most commonly known as the Danish way to live well. Denmark ranks as one of the most happiest nations. It’s no wonder the rest of us are following suit, in search of our own bliss. Although widely accepted as a Danish trend, Hygge is believed to have Norweigen roots.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is pronounced Hoo-ga, Hhyooguh or even Heurgh not that it matters how you say or write the word. The Little Book of Hygge written by Meik Wiking uses an excellent reference from Whinnie the Pooh, “you don’t spell it, you feel it.” This works for Hygge too, it isn’t something you can buy, it is a feeling you create.

Hygge is a feeling of togetherness, wellness and contentment. Hygge is the creation of a pleasant relaxed atmosphere where you chill, feeling safe and comfortable.

How can Hygge help right now?

During the Coronavirus pandemic it is even more important to practice self care, enjoy your home surroundings and spend quality time with yourself or your loved ones. So pull on your loungewear; throw on your favourite leggings, sweater and thick warm socks. Light soul warming candles and grab a cosy blanket. Enjoy a bowl of steamy stew, a big mug of delicious hot chocolate, popcorn or cake. Then settle down to feel together over a board game, or snuggle up with a good book. Make sure you take time out to bask in the feeling of coziness and contentment.

Could Hygge help you sell your home?

When potential buyers view your property you want them to enjoy the experience of being in your home. A viewing with Hygge suggestions can help to envoke positive feelings for potential buyers.

A relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and Hygge inspired comforts may help to instill the feeling of ‘home.’ A positive viewing will leave a lasting impression and may even encourage potential buyers to give your property serious consideration.

If you are looking for tips of how to sell your home, take a look at our guide to selling with Seddons.

How do you create Hygge for viewings?

Hygge is subjective, what people connect with can vary. Creating the right ambiance is a perfect start.

Candles are a favourite for creating a cosy Hygge feeling. If your viewing is towards the end of the day when natural daylight draws to a close, consider using a few candles. Candles or soft lamps will brighten up a dark corner and bring warmth to a room.

Sense of smell is very important, a damp, musty or stale odour creates cold negative feelings, which will be remembered long after the viewing. If possible, ensure the heating has warmed the property before the viewing to help create that cosy feeling. Another Hygge sensation is the smell of baking, fresh bread, cake, cookies or soup are great suggestions for making the viewing a positive experience.

Hygge can also be known for being minimal, try clearing away any clutter, this lightens the mind and often makes rooms appear more spacious. Use rugs, blankets and baskets to add texture to rooms to create that cosy homey feeling.

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