Eviction Notice periods are changing

Eviction Notice periods are changing

The government has confirmed that eviction notice periods will return to normal from 1st October 2021.

18 months of disruption

The past 18 months has disrupted many lives and industries, for this reason the government introduced the Coronavirus Act 2020, this allowed for notice periods to be increased to six months initially, (including Section 21 notices), with exemptions for certain serious cases, later this was reduced to four months.

Back to normal

From the 1st October the eviction notice period returns to 2 months.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government issued a statement confirming the measures of relief given were appropriate at the height of the pandemic, however they were temporary. “Returning notice periods to their pre-Covid lengths from 1 October, will allow landlords to repossess their property where necessary.”

What about the future?

UK Government intend to retain the power to implement similar measures again in the future, should the public health situation worsen. Legislation allows the UK government to reapply longer notice periods until 25 March 2022 should this be necessary.

Peace of mind

Being a landlord can be a stressful business – whether you are worrying about finding a tenant, recovering unpaid rent, or keeping on top of your legal obligations. Handing the management of your rental portfolio over to a managing agent is a sure way of reducing that stress, leaving you confident that your interests are being looked after, your property is being well maintained and your tenants are happy, and if you are ever curious about the current value of your investment, we are here to help, please get in touch with your local Seddons branch.

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